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A cursed king. A hunted sorceress. A mad plan for survival. 

Newly crowned, Red blames one person for his father’s murder: the secret sorceress sworn to protect the king.

Alyana Barron, Royal Sorcerer to the throne of Tandera, has been hiding from a dangerous enemy bent on destroying her magic.

When Red activates a hidden curse, it also reveals Aly's identity to their enemy. Fighting for survival, their lives entwine in ways neither of them expected.


Together, they chase after a cure that will heal the king and restore Aly's weakening magic, but the closer they get to a cure, the nearer they step toward death, for the path to the cure is as dangerous as the curse itself.

Packed full of royal intrigue, slow-burn romance, and plenty of ballgowns, Blade of Ash is the first in a new, YA epic fantasy series perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard, Margaret Rogerson, and Sarah K. L. Wilson. If you like enemies-to-lovers romance, female bodyguards, and forced proximity with life-and-death stakes, dive into Blade of Ash today!

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Her magic is secret, but that kind of power won't stay hidden long.

Alyana Barron is tired of living a secluded life apart from society, hiding her magic from watching eyes. When a young nobleman offers Aly the chance to train as a Master Sorcerer, she finally gets what she's always wanted: an opportunity to prove her magic.

However, when Aly enters the world of kings and courts, she steps toward a future she never expected. As she grows more powerful, Aly will face secrets and losses and a choice that will change her life forever. 

Read the prequel to the clean YA epic fantasy series, Scepter and Crown. Perfect for fans of fierce heroines and unique magic systems.

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All evening, I’ve been conscious of other eyes behind mine, other watchers in my brain. I’m ready to end that.

Valeria the Fifth is losing her identity. Part of an elite research collective, she is forced to share her thoughts every week with those around her. With her boss. With her friends. With her crush.

And each week, she loses a little more of herself, a little more of what makes her unique, as she gains the knowledge and memories of her peers.

Freedom to make her own choices will mean freedom to make her own mistakes too, and the price for some mistakes is higher than she can pay.

“C.F.E. Black stuns with her smart, science fiction debut, perfect for fans of Divergent and Black Mirror.” – author Caroline George



In this city, the only way out is to transfer in.

Gangs. Hunger. Danger on every corner.


For Dasha Vance and her little sister, these things are a daily reality. Without a job lined up, Dasha will be tossed to the streets after graduation, like everyone else at her school.


That is, until a mysterious job offer comes from the one place Dasha thought she could never work: the elite World Research Center.

Life in the city has taught her that everything good comes with a price, and this job offer might be too good. But can she afford to say no?

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